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This is about gratitude. And fortitude.

We want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for accepting the challenge of sheltering-in-place and practicing social distancing. There is no doubt that this is disruptive. It has a huge impact on our lives and, in some cases, livelihoods. It's not easy.

But we think it is making a difference. Calls about cold and flu-like symptoms have declined over the past 10 days. That is a good sign. It doesn't mean we won't see more illness - and we are preparing for that. Around the country, the situation is changing rapidly. We are preparing for a potential increase in patients by ensuring we have the supplies, equipment, and people necessary to meet the demand.


We are grateful for your commitment to the health of our communities. Staying home, keeping your distance from others, and all that hand washing make a big difference. All of us are needed to beat this epidemic. Your actions and determination continue to inspire us.

Thank you, Your Care Teams at Kaiser Permanente