Ian Landsman, a longtime friend and founder of HelpSpot, just put on recently on his fourth virtual conference (Laracon Online). Attendees voted it a success, and in this long, detailed, specific post he explains all the steps to planning, marketing, and running a virtual conference.

If you are planning a virtual conference, read this post!

With marketing channels constricted to online, maybe it's time for your company to do a virtual conference.

I can think back to the dozen or so Apple events I did the slides for back in the day, and these conferences have three positive, but not obvious benefits:

  • It lets your audience/market get a sense of the people behind your product(s),
  • It helps formalize and communicate information between various siloed teams,
  • It charges up your developers and engineers by making them the stars of the show.

Ian does a fantastic job of reviewing all the details of putting on an Online Conference, from the mechanics of streaming, ticketing, and digital swag to getting the word out, to sharing useful templates and planning for the unexpected.