Akimbo Virtual Coworking - Working apart, but together

Humans are social beings and one of the hardest things to get used to Working From Home is working alone. The loneliness will sooner or later get to you. While there are plenty of good tips out there (and at Remote Or Else soon), there's something about being the company of other people that actually increases productivity.

Akimbo Virtual Coworking is a site where you can jump into an online conversation, join a Zoom meeting where others like you silently toil away WFH, or participate in Live Q & A sessions. It's advertising-free, free to join and use, and different approach from the basic WFH you may have been living these last few weeks.

For those who don't know who Seth Godin is, he's the author of over 18 books, a blogger famous for his short daily posts, a frequent speaker about permission marketing, the growth of the online world and how people can thrive in it.

Akimbo is an experiment by Godin - it's a lot like walking into a popup cafe where there's a notice on the door: Akimbo Coworking will close on April 18th, 2020.

"This coworking space doesn’t last forever. It’s open for one month. To get the most out of it, we recommend jumping right in."

What you'll find inside:

  • A community discussion board with topic on remote work, resilience, leading virtually, productivity, accountability, navigating uncertainty, and more.
  • Video chat Zoom rooms where you can talk (or simply sit quietly) side by side with other people who are working from home.
  • Live conversations and Q&A sessions with Seth Godin and some of our Akimbo coaches and opportunities to connect with other participants.
  • Daily resource suggestions.
  • Plus, an occasional diversion during these difficult times.

Plenty of pluses, but two definitely negatives

Two problems with Akimbo Virtual Coworking - it's easy to get lost, and it can be frustrating finding interesting conversations, only to realize the conversation in question fizzled out a few days ago. Unfortunately, that's one of the shortcomings/features of the Discourse forum engine Akimbo uses. Still, if you're looking for a place on the web where you can hang out with others silently, or join a conversation, the water is fine and the price is right (free).